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Do you want me to draw you, your family, your dog, your cat (preferred), the people you work for, your worst enemy, your Christmas brag-card, your wedding invitation, your son’s gymnastics performance flyer thing, your PTA club, your great-great-great grandmother, your picture for your funeral because you obviously want it to be a closed casket (please don’t ask me to do this), your pet armadillo, all of your vacation photos… I can do that! Just fill out the form and I will be in touch with details.

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Additional Info

This price refers to commission for personal use only. For corporate inquiries please send an email to hello@cauliflowerhour.com

Please Note: $35 is the base price for a single portrait. If you would like more people/animals to be included the $35 will be credited towards the final price. For a quote on pricing please send reference image and a short description to hello@cauliflowerhour.com