Hey You Still Alive Card


So you met this really awesome girl and you had a lot of chemistry. And you’ve been texting all the time. It’s going great you have so much in common. Maybe she’s THE ONE?! Then you made her this sweet terrarium. And you texted “can I come over?” She started to write back… then nothing… and nothing. So you play it cool and wait until the next day and she’s still writing. WTF. So you send a casual explanation about how she’s being rude and you’re vulnerable. And she sends back nothing! So now you’re sure she got murdered in the middle of sending the text. You’re going old school and hitting her up with this card. To make sure she’s alive obviously. Still playing it cool. 

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Additional Info

This folded card is blank on the inside with high-quality full-color digital printing. The card comes with a white envelope.

4.13”x5.83”- 16pt. thickness
Satin finish