Let's Get Married Card


So you’ve been with your girl for basically a year. And she’s pretty chill, your friends like her alright. She works for a non-profit and doesn’t exactly get benefits. And she just turned 26, goodbye to her parents’ health insurance plan. You’ve got a sweet corporate job. The benefit plan is bullshit but still better than nothing. And you like her… but like not enough to drop six figures on a ring. Plus the insurance is enough of a gift. So you’ll give her this card and make it official. 

“Here you go babe! You can go to any dentist you want (as long as it’s in-network and doesn’t have a crazy copay), Love you” 

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Additional Info

This folded card is blank on the inside with high-quality full-color digital printing. The card comes with a white envelope.

4.13”x5.83”- 16pt. thickness
Satin finish