Sorry I Killed Your Plant Card


So your best friend went away to Paris for the week and she asked you to water her plants. And you were totally going to but on Monday you went out for drinks with your work wife and you got way too drunk. So Tuesday obviously you couldn’t go with that hangover. Then Wednesday you had hot yoga and you were completely wiped. And you were totally going to go over there but then you were so sore for the rest of the week you couldn’t walk up the stairs. And they are plants so they should be able to take care of themselves right? Anyways, you’re really sorry the plant is dead and you were planning on getting a new one but who knew fig trees cost $200?! So here’s a card instead because you really are sorry.

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Additional Info

This folded card is blank on the inside with high-quality full-color digital printing. The card comes with a white envelope.

4.13”x5.83”- 16pt. thickness
Satin finish